31 Days of Creativity with Food by Hong Yi
Brooklyn Snow. 2013. (at ❄)
02.08.13 /17:29

Conrad Rangali Island Resort

The award-winning Resort with the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant.


Loving this super adorable banana jam packaging. 

"Ooh Ooh Ah Ah is all about fun.

Emilie Wildiers came up with the idea of building a new brand around her unique, banana-based jam recipes. She runs a well-known company in Belgium that has been creating various jams and jellies since the 80′s. But, this is not just another condiment to add to the pantry. It’s deliciously different. A shareable delicacy for every member of the family, from choosy moms and dads, to the kids.”

La Mousson 

Iris Kaschl created package design for La Mousson, a German tea brand which offers high-quality organic tea. The packaging sets out to deliver a modern lifestyle, with its outward appearance reflecting the quality of the product.

RSR limo party!!! @readysetrocket
12.14.12 /15:20
Baby Bonsai Tree!
11.29.12 /15:36